Oriental Studies: Global and Local Perspektives; ed. Agata Bareja-Starzyńska

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Local and global approaches concern most human activities. Even unrelated events after a deeper analysis may appear to have a common ground or source although the local circumstances may greatly influence it. Regarding Asian studies focus was laid on research on the impact of particular Asian cultures. How much do they influence certain activities and how different they are if seen in a global context? What is the contribution of Asian cultures to the world considering cultural, religious, social, political, and even economic aspects?

The majority of papers gathered in the present volume are the outcome of the 10th International Conference of Oriental Studies: Global and Local Perspectives organised jointly by the Committee of Oriental Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Faculty of Oriental Studies of the University of Warsaw on November 1516, 2021 at the University of Warsaw. Some papers were added later to the volume. Contributions by particular authors differ in length, approach, and scope due to the selected topic, the contributors’ scholarly experience, within the scope of broadly understood Oriental studies, or their way of presenting the subject. They cover different disciplines ranging from literary and language studies, culture, religion, history, and the arts to politics and economy.

Several papers represent a discipline of literature which in the case of Oriental studies, similarly to studies in many other regions, can hardly be separated from linguistics thus representing research interests which may as well be called philology in its best and broadest meaning.

The many aspects of life, culture, religion, literary writing and artistic creativity of people in Asia can be approached from different perspectives: knowing local reality will certainly help to understand how it interacts with global influences. It is hoped that readers will gain expertise knowledge from the contributions contained within the present volume.

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Tytuł Oriental Studies: Global and Local Perspektives
Autor/redaktor ed. Agata Bareja-Starzyńska
Format, oprawa, ilość stron B5, oprawa miękka, 144 strony
ISBN 978-83-8017-452-8
Rok wydania 2022
Cena 33,60 zł
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