The Life and Work of Elders in The Light of Theories and Research Studies; Taťjana Búgelová, Lena Čupkowá

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The issue of elders is a topic which will never become outdated. The approach employed by society to the solution of the actual issues of elders is often very diverse and inconsistent. The views of elders held both by younger generations and the elders themselves, whether at home or at work, not forgetting prejudices, myths and stereotypes associated with old age, are surprisingly manifold.

The authors strived to find a reply to the question concorning who elders are and to other related questions: How can we adapt to this stage of life? What are the benefits and disadvantages of ageing? What do elders gain and what do they lose? How do they feel, what are they worrying about or what makes them happy? Why is ageism on the increase and what is the cause of it?

Informacje o książce

Tytuł The Life and Work of Elders in The Light of Theories and Research Studies
Autorzy/redaktorzy Taťjana Búgelová, Lena Čupkowá
Format, oprawa, ilość stron B5, oprawa miękka, 112 stron
ISBN 978-83-8017-306-4
Rok wydania 2020
Cena 16,80 zł
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